LED Dance Art

This elegant show dance is a novelty featuring striking LED costumes as well as extravagant music. Want your audience to have something to talk about? Then the LED Dance Art performance is perfect for your event and the tailored costumes with LED lights will get all the attention.



Duration: 3:53 minutes

Falco is alive!

We merge 10 of Falco’s greatest hits into a story about popularity, self doubt and the rise and fall of the pop star. You’re sure to enjoy this fascinating and emotional performance with its fancy costumes and a high standard in dancing and acting. The movie that has been created especially for this performance and that is shown on large screens in the background completes the visual experience.



Duration customisable between 15 and 40 minutes

Dirndl Parade

A medley of all the best songs from traditional music, combined by beautiful Dirndl dresses, for the audience to sing along and feel good.



Duration: 9:00 minutes (customisable)

Our credentials...

Wirtschaftskammer - Vorarlberg A
Radio Liechtenstein - FL
Grass Beschläge - Höchst
L`OREAL - Zürich
Siemens - Zürich