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Time Rush

Wednesday Mai 11th 2022



Kulturhaus Dornbirn



We are looking forward to your visit. 

Show Jingle



Charlie Chaplin

Our host

May we introduce our host Charlie Chaplin. He is already waiting impatiently for the show to start! Currently he is still sitting between empty chairs, but the preparations are in progress and we are looking forward to welcoming you as our guests in June next year. 


We're excited and looking forward to an amazing event!


Save the Date --- 11.05.2022 --- Time Rush

Live on Stage

Welcome to the virtual world. We offer digital show dance performances with LiveStream.

Are you planning an event, a congress, a meeting, a conference or an in-house exhibition? Do you want to score at your event and present something unique?

Something different with a high memorability factor?

The Box

Here you can see our LiveStream Studio, our Streaming BOX! Switch us live to your event and we will deliver emotions, different moods, vitality and fun. Our performances provide for loosening up!


Your product - our show

Looking for a creative way to communicate your new product to customers? Dance is expressive and dynamic, making it perfect for high-energy presentations. We offer a variety of dance styles and a wide range of costumes and choreography. For you, we slip into the perfect role to reflect your company's image in photos, videos or live performances. 

We are online !

How about you?

The Dance Art Company continues to train in cooperation with the Dance Art School in Dornbirn, even if this is currently only possible online. Hence, our dancers are fit and ready for your event at any time!


Have you ever thought of making your next online event dynamic and creative?

Dance can be used to convey a variety of moods and messages, turning your hour-long online meeting in front of the computer into a lively show that will be remembered. 



Contact us for details and arrangements.


New date for our time rush show

Unfortunately we had to pospone our TIME RUSH show due to corona. However we keep dancing!
Here is the official statement from the head of
Dance Art Company
Christine Hefel


Alles klar, Herr Kommissar?

We continue in a new decade of our TIMERUSH journey through dance and music. 


We arrived in the 1980s. Guess who we would like to introduce to you in this decade. 

The Austrian Rock-Pop legend FALCO kicked off in the 80s with his first albums. After he released, among other things, the song "Kommissar", which we interpreted in a dancing way, "Rock me Amadeus" was released in 1985. This song is still the only German-language song that made it into the US Billboard Charts and also appeared in the British UK Top 40.  


Enjoy Falco with us on 02.12.2020 at "Time Rush - 100 years of music and dance".



Save the Date --- 02.12.2020 --- Time Rush


Falco Lineau

Falco Luneau is the front man and songwriter of the band "STILL". The Austrian musician with Dutch roots worked and published his previous music under his own name and his socially critical projects since 2015 under his pseudonym "Wolfsrachen".


With his song "Nobody" he entered the Dutch charts after winning the Radio 538 demo duel in 2009. The newcomer performed on Queens-Day in Amsterdam in front of more than 250,000 people. In 2011 and 2012 he toured the Netherlands with Waylon (The Common Linnets) and Van Dik Hout.


His socially critical projects "Peace is not a conservatory" and "Your Laugh" won a number of international awards between 2015 and 2017, including "Best Music Video" in India, "Best Actress" in India and New York and "Best Socially Responsible Project" in LA. Falco has already worked with great artists such as Rami Jaffee, keyboardist of the Foo Fighters, and actor Harald Krassnitzer.


For private reasons and especially because of the change in sound, Falco decided in 2020 to take off under a new flag, a new brand and a new band name. To find the right direction for his project he thought back to the years when he travelled the world. He worked in Congo, Angola, Dubai, lived for a while in England, Vienna and then in the Netherlands before returning to Austria. The people he met and the cultures he immersed himself in changed his life forever and influenced the content of his texts. 


These are between socially critical and provocative, with a healthy dose of sarcasm. This is probably the most important thread that runs through all of his songs, also besides Falco's voice.


He has always written in English and in his mother tongue, German. Colleagues with industry experience suggested that he should keep the styles and languages consistent. However, Falco sees it himself as his Black n White side and finally followed his heart and gut feeling.


An important criterion for finding a name was that it should be short and concise in both English and German and have the same meaning. Finally Falco and his band agreed on the name "STILL". It is short and concise and stands as a contrast to the rocking and partly synthetic sound.


In early 2020 the band released their first English language single "Run Away". In March the second song "Prima Ballerina" followed as the hard contrast in German! "Living Again" is the first PopRock ballad of the band and with the new single "Rosa Pulli" the band is back with German Rock!


1970 / 1980

Discoflair and melodic softness

A new month, another decade in our time travel through dance and music. We are slowly approaching our big event "Time Rush - 100 years of dance and music".


In this month we have prepared a little insight behind the scenes for you. With "Stayin' Alive", we take a dynamic journey through the disco charts of the 1970s. In the 1980s we are gently and swingingly on the loose with our choreography for "Islands in the Stream". In this sense we also like to remember the singer Kenny Rogers, who deceased in March this year. He interpreted the song written by the Bee Gees together with Kelly Parton and released it in August 1983 as the first single of his album "Eyes That See in the Dark".


As you can see, we will show you a colorful program with a variety of musical styles. Are you already excited?



Then be there!


Save the Date --- 02.12.2020 --- Time Rush


JailHouse Rock and Music Stars

The 1960s - another decade full of greats and legends of music history. Can you think of 3 names from these years off thetop of your head?


Let us help you a little. Music lovers probably still count records by the Rolling Stones, the Beatles or Elvis Presley among their sanctuaries.


We invite you to "Time Rush - 100 years of music and dance". Come and experience the decades of music history first hand.


Save the Date --- 02.12.2020 --- Time Rush


Lisa Aberer

Lisa Arberer is an artist from Vorarlberg with international success. At the show "Time Rush" she will support the Dance Art Company by singing.

The Vorarlberg artist started dancing at the age of 4 in the Dance Art School and singing with Ina Wolf at the age of 8. In 2004 she won the "Kiddy Contest".

From 2011 to 2020 the now 27-year-old lived in Hamburg, where she studied dance, singing and acting at the Stage Art School.

Lisa worked among other things as an actress in the "Hamburg Dungeon". With her debut single "I Will Dance" Lisa presented the official title song of the TV format "Let's Dance" on RTL and had a feature with the American rapper Flo Rida. She is also on tour with various shows nationally and internationally (Asia), with shows like Sound of Cinema or a Michael Jackson Tribute Show. At the moment Lisa is successfully on tour with the girl band Lichtblick. The first single release of the album of the same name shot straight to No. 1 in the German iTunes Charts, the album made it into the Top 40. After numerous shows, among others on TV with Carmen Nebel, Immer wieder Sonntags, Berliner Waldbühne etc. the band won the Newcomer Award 2019. At the moment Lisa is also working on her solo album with various producers in Germany and America.


In "Time Rush" you will find Lisa's voice in, for example, the lovely pieces of the Andrew Sisters. Be curious about a diversified show! 

Pictures: Birgit Riedemann

1940 - "Drinkin' Rum and Coca-Cola"

Three sisters enchant the audience with their lovely swing and fiery jazz. "The Voice", Frank Sinatra's touching voice sounds in your ears. 


Come back with us and experience this and much more in a journey of music through time and space. 


Save the Date --- 02.12.2020 --- Time Rush

Charleston at home

Nothing can stop us dancing. 

Even if we couldn't meet for practice during the last weeks, we were still together - united by our passion for dancing.

We are proud to present to you:

Time Rush - Charleston 


Dance Art against Corona

The Dance Art Company in Dornbirn continues to dance and still stays at home. A dance production from home is the incentive for the 15 dancers* of the company. For this reason a video against Covid 19 was produced from favourite places or in their own four walls. It was important to us that people feel comfortable with the music, the dance and the atmosphere and that they let their creativity run free. The choreography was already rehearsed in the dance studio from January to March and so that it would not be forgotten, this unique project was created.

The result of this video, cancelled cultural events, performances and productions have motivated the 35 dancers* of the Dance Art Company to complete their current project "Time Rush" 100 years of music & dance. We stay at home and continue dancing despite quarantine.


The Bonus Corona Show will take place on Wednesday, 2.12.20 at 19:30 in the Kulturhaus in Dornbirn. The entrance is free.


There´s no Virus who can stop the real Virus of DANCING.

Show of the Month - April

Showdance - something for everyone

Show dancing is exciting and memorable - the perfect addition to your next event. Whether classic or modern, we have something individual for every style.


Fast and full of energy? Then maybe power dance from the techno scene is the right thing for your event. Very fast-paced and with real theatre fire, the choreography stands for the variety of flames and fire.

duration 3:20 min


Elegant and sparkly? An absolute novelty in show dance is the LED Dance Art. You can book this highlight of music, light and show dance as an eye-catcher and as an unforgettable show act for your event. The specially made costumes with the impressive LED technology attract attention and are a great conversation piece for the audience.


duration: 3:53 min


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Show of the month - march

We are presenting..

No matter whether it is a company presentation or the introduction of a new product - dance gives your company expression and creates an impression!


You would like to present your new products to the world in a very special ambience? Together with us, you can bring it to life in a magical mixture of dance, singing and acting and create unique experiences.

For example, VorwerkAustria celebrated its anniversary with 16 dancers* and 7 children of the DanceArt Company. In addition to "Fantasie de Paris" - a gorgeous feather opening and a journey through time into the different decades, products were staged with live singing, dancing and acting and created a lasting impression on the audience.

With the midnight contribution "Moulin Rouge" the successful evening turned into a glittering party night.

"A company presentation that exceeded all expectations."


In 2012 we had the pleasure to accompany the Mercedes presentation on the workshop stage at the Festspielhaus in Bregenz. The Dance Art Company with their professional dancers* and great breakdancers transported the audience for a short time to Paris and the Caribbean.


"Thanks, we are thrilled! by Mercedes"


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