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1940 - "Drinkin' Rum and Coca-Cola"

Three sisters enchant the audience with their lovely swing and fiery jazz. "The Voice", Frank Sinatra's touching voice sounds in your ears. 


Come back with us and experience this and much more in a journey of music through time and space. 


Save the Date --- 02.12.2020 --- Time Rush

Charleston at home

Nothing can stop us dancing. 

Even if we couldn't meet for practice during the last weeks, we were still together - united by our passion for dancing.

We are proud to present to you:

Time Rush - Charleston 


Dance Art against Corona

The Dance Art Company in Dornbirn continues to dance and still stays at home. A dance production from home is the incentive for the 15 dancers* of the company. For this reason a video against Covid 19 was produced from favourite places or in their own four walls. It was important to us that people feel comfortable with the music, the dance and the atmosphere and that they let their creativity run free. The choreography was already rehearsed in the dance studio from January to March and so that it would not be forgotten, this unique project was created.

The result of this video, cancelled cultural events, performances and productions have motivated the 35 dancers* of the Dance Art Company to complete their current project "Time Rush" 100 years of music & dance. We stay at home and continue dancing despite quarantine.


The Bonus Corona Show will take place on Wednesday, 2.12.20 at 19:30 in the Kulturhaus in Dornbirn. The entrance is free.


There´s no Virus who can stop the real Virus of DANCING.

Show of the Month - April

Showdance - something for everyone

Show dancing is exciting and memorable - the perfect addition to your next event. Whether classic or modern, we have something individual for every style.


Fast and full of energy? Then maybe power dance from the techno scene is the right thing for your event. Very fast-paced and with real theatre fire, the choreography stands for the variety of flames and fire.

duration 3:20 min


Elegant and sparkly? An absolute novelty in show dance is the LED Dance Art. You can book this highlight of music, light and show dance as an eye-catcher and as an unforgettable show act for your event. The specially made costumes with the impressive LED technology attract attention and are a great conversation piece for the audience.


duration: 3:53 min


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Show of the month - march

We are presenting..

No matter whether it is a company presentation or the introduction of a new product - dance gives your company expression and creates an impression!


You would like to present your new products to the world in a very special ambience? Together with us, you can bring it to life in a magical mixture of dance, singing and acting and create unique experiences.

For example, VorwerkAustria celebrated its anniversary with 16 dancers* and 7 children of the DanceArt Company. In addition to "Fantasie de Paris" - a gorgeous feather opening and a journey through time into the different decades, products were staged with live singing, dancing and acting and created a lasting impression on the audience.

With the midnight contribution "Moulin Rouge" the successful evening turned into a glittering party night.

"A company presentation that exceeded all expectations."


In 2012 we had the pleasure to accompany the Mercedes presentation on the workshop stage at the Festspielhaus in Bregenz. The Dance Art Company with their professional dancers* and great breakdancers transported the audience for a short time to Paris and the Caribbean.


"Thanks, we are thrilled! by Mercedes"


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Show of the Month - Februar

seductive February

This month we would like to inspire you with the magic of dance and musicals.


In the performance "Moulin Rouge" we bring emotion and swing to the stage. Music highlights from the same titled musical are presented in tailor-made, exclusive costumes and thrilling choreographies. Different dance styles such as jazz, funk, tango and Can Can make the show both varied and unique. "Never fall in love" - under this slogan we take you to the sparkling Paris of 1900, to the world of love and erotic!


duration: 15 min or 5 min 

or as required.


At about midnight we find ourselves in the Burlesque Lounge, a venerable and somewhat outdated revue theatre. The sexy and provocative costumes and the daring choreographies of the show fascinate the audience right away. Including props and very extravagant feather costumes.


duration: 10 min


or as required.


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Show of the Month - January

Welcome to Brazil

Kicking off things in 2020, we would like to present a special show from our repertoire each month to provide you with new ideas for your next event.


During a cultural exchange at the Dance Art Company, Bruno Fernandes da Silva from the city of Natal merged Brazil’s most energetic dance styles into one fantastic show. “Welcome to Brazil” is more than a passionate and zesty summer show – it will make you feel the Brazilian heat all year round.




Brasileirando, Feira de mangaio samba nopé, carimbó, frevando and yes, we have funk. 

Duration: 21:30 minutes. Duration is customisable.



Please get in touch with us for further information. We are happy to arrange a personal meeting.

Christine Hefel


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Sängerball "Ab in den Süden"

SAMSTAG, 25.1.2020 //

Otten Gravour Hohenems

Brazil Showtanzeinlagen:

Duo Forro, Samba, Yes, we have Funk



Tickets: http://www.gv-hohenems.at