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Wednesday December 7th 2022



Kulturhaus Dornbirn




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The three works of art by the Dance Art Company include the following pieces:



I "The Nutcracker Suite" - a classic fairy tale ballet by Tchaikovsky. Guided by the choreographic direction of Bruno Fernandes, the dancers will perform individual scenes from the famous piece.



II "Tuulella" - a composition by the Vorarlberg artist "Marcus Nigsch" is the master for a dance production in the classical and contemporary area. The piece was choreographed by Markus Zmölnig, Nicole Gunz, Bruno Fernandes and Christine Hefel. Tuulella will premiere that evening!



III "Christmas Show" - we herald the feast of love with an enchanting and breath-taking dance show. Well-known melodies ensure us falling into a Christmas spirit just as much as Santa Claus himself. Dive into the festival season with us.


Save the Date --- 12.07.22 --- TRILOGIE

Live on Stage

Welcome to the virtual world. We offer digital show dance performances with LiveStream.

Are you planning an event, a congress, a meeting, a conference or an in-house exhibition? Do you want to score at your event and present something unique?

Something different with a high memorability factor?

The Box

Here you can see our LiveStream Studio, our Streaming BOX! Switch us live to your event and we will deliver emotions, different moods, vitality and fun. Our performances provide for loosening up!


Your product - our show

Looking for a creative way to communicate your new product to customers? Dance is expressive and dynamic, making it perfect for high-energy presentations. We offer a variety of dance styles and a wide range of costumes and choreography. For you, we slip into the perfect role to reflect your company's image in photos, videos or live performances. 

We are online !

How about you?

The Dance Art Company continues to train in cooperation with the Dance Art School in Dornbirn, even if this is currently only possible online. Hence, our dancers are fit and ready for your event at any time!


Have you ever thought of making your next online event dynamic and creative?

Dance can be used to convey a variety of moods and messages, turning your hour-long online meeting in front of the computer into a lively show that will be remembered. 



Contact us for details and arrangements.

Show of the Month - DECEMBER

Showdance - something for everyone

Show dancing is exciting and memorable - the perfect addition to your next event. Whether classic or modern, we have something individual for every style.


Fast and full of energy? Then maybe power dance from the techno scene is the right thing for your event. Very fast-paced and with real theatre fire, the choreography stands for the variety of flames and fire.

duration 3:20 min


Elegant and sparkly? An absolute novelty in show dance is the LED Dance Art. You can book this highlight of music, light and show dance as an eye-catcher and as an unforgettable show act for your event. The specially made costumes with the impressive LED technology attract attention and are a great conversation piece for the audience.


duration: 3:53 min


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Show of the month - November

We are presenting..

No matter whether it is a company presentation or the introduction of a new product - dance gives your company expression and creates an impression!


You would like to present your new products to the world in a very special ambience? Together with us, you can bring it to life in a magical mixture of dance, singing and acting and create unique experiences.

For example, VorwerkAustria celebrated its anniversary with 16 dancers* and 7 children of the DanceArt Company. In addition to "Fantasie de Paris" - a gorgeous feather opening and a journey through time into the different decades, products were staged with live singing, dancing and acting and created a lasting impression on the audience.

With the midnight contribution "Moulin Rouge" the successful evening turned into a glittering party night.

"A company presentation that exceeded all expectations."


In 2012 we had the pleasure to accompany the Mercedes presentation on the workshop stage at the Festspielhaus in Bregenz. The Dance Art Company with their professional dancers* and great breakdancers transported the audience for a short time to Paris and the Caribbean.


"Thanks, we are thrilled! by Mercedes"


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