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Dances of the Season


Immerse yourself in the sensual rhythms and colorful movements of Brazil. This dance style combines elements of samba, lambada and forró and offers an unforgettable performance. Let yourself be carried away by the pulsating rhythm and amaze your audience.

Lets get Loud

This dance style takes you into the world of show dance with a mix of street dance, hip-hop and pop. Let yourself be carried away by the rousing beats and dynamic choreographies and get your audience dancing. Whether it's a company party, gala or product presentation - Let's Get Loud will ensure unforgettable moments.

Live on Stage

Welcome to the virtual world. We offer digital show dance performances with LiveStream.

Are you planning an event, a congress, a meeting, a conference or an in-house exhibition? Do you want to score at your event and present something unique?

Something different with a high memorability factor?

The Box

Here you can see our LiveStream Studio, our Streaming BOX! Switch us live to your event and we will deliver emotions, different moods, vitality and fun. Our performances provide for loosening up!


Your product - our show

Looking for a creative way to communicate your new product to customers? Dance is expressive and dynamic, making it perfect for high-energy presentations. We offer a variety of dance styles and a wide range of costumes and choreography. For you, we slip into the perfect role to reflect your company's image in photos, videos or live performances.